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Cusco City Tour Half Day

The Cusco City Tour allows you to know the most representative places of the city of Cusco and its surroundings, you can take a tour of the Cathedral ...

The Cusco City Tour allows you to know the most representative places of the city of Cusco and its surroundings, you can take a tour of the Cathedral of Cusco, the Temple of the Sun or Qoricancha. In addition, Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay, The city tour in Cusco is a program of only half a day but will show you much of the history of Cusco.

Duration: 5 Hours
Places To Visit: Cathedral, Saqsayhuaman, Quenqo, Pukapukara and Tambomachay.
Salidas: Every day 13:30 pm.

Cusco is considered one of the most important cities in Peru, is the center of the Inca empire, the World Cultural Heritage is one of the most visited places today, because of the singing of important archaeological remains and tourist attractions, with Incas, colorful walls. costumes, colonial churches built on Inca palaces, legendary Inca paths and all the beauty of a glorious pasture that engages visitors who come to Cusco. With a great diversity of backgrounds and traditions, Cusco retains its Incan walls and stone-walled calls that blend with Colonial architecture.



To start this circuit we have to pick you up from your hotel (13:10 – 13:30 pm.) To visit the following tourist attractions and finish 18:45 pm. approx.

The Cathedral of Cusco.- We start the tour by visiting the Cathedral of Cusco, the Church of the Sagrada Familia, and the Church of Triumph. (optional visit).

Koricancha Temple.– Also called “Temple of the Sun” is the perfect architecture and the reflective stone buildings that were the most important temple of the Incan empire.

Sacsayhuaman.- In the ep
The Inca was a great religious center of great importance. This construction is attributed to the Inca of the last dynasties, It has many walls formed by monumental piedras. They are distributed in zigzag form, across three platforms, and have a 360-meter wide promenade. There are stones of auction 9 meters wide and 5 meters ancho. It is located at 2 km. from the city of Cusco.

Which.- It was a ceremonial center and one that is appreciated in the central part of a giant monolith, possibly of an animal that was the main deity, surrounded by hornacinas where the offerings are placed.

Pucapucara.- Old also, puesto of vigilance that existed far from the Inca roads. Its constructions of rustic type conformed by
calls, houses and patios.

Tambomachay.- It is ubiquitous at 9 km. From the city, known as the Inca bay, by the form of its water sources, it could also be a temple dedicated to the worship of water.

After our visit we will return to the city of Cusco.


City Tour Cusco Included:

  • Tourist bus.
  • Professional Guide.
  • Cusco City Tour not included:
  • Admission to the Cathedral (s / 25.00).
  • Admission to Qorikancha (s / 15.00).
  • Tourist ticket.

Informacion Practice

To do this tour ud. must buy the tourist bill.

General Tourist slip: (B.T.G.) valid for 10 days.
This ticket serves to visit the City Tour, Sacred Valley, Maras Moray, Valle Sur, and museums within the city of Cusco.

Foreign Tourism Price.

Adults/. 130.00
Student: S /. 70.00 (under 25 years old).

I need National Tourism.

Adults/. 70.00
Student: S /. 40.00

Partial Tourist Ticket: (B.T.P.) for 1 day.
This ticket serves only for a tour that can be the City Tour, the Sacred Valley, Moray or the Valle Sur.

Foreign Tourism Price.

Adults/. 70.00

I need National Tourism.

Adults/. 40.00
NOTE. There are no partial tickets for students, the rate is unique.
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